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Woodruff Spending Money and Prescriptions

We’ve had a few questions about spending money for Woodruff, so here is what we know…

Meals are included, but there are some significant distances in between the meals on the travel days. For most of the scouts, part of the “fun” of camp is the autonomy of having spending money and making snack food choices. One of the “lessons” available in camp is the lesson of money management.

It is not required that you send any money for your scout, but if we have to put numbers on it, we would say up to $10 on the travel days and up to $5 per day at camp, which is $50. Any additional purchases they want to make at the scout shop (t-shirt, pocket knife, etc..) would be separate. If you want your scout to work with a tighter budget, send less- If your son currently requires full meals every 2-3 hrs, you might want to send more….

If any scouts feel that they could use a little extra help keeping money available for the return trip home, Mr. Rossi will be keeping track of the trip receipts and expenses and is willing to hold some money for the ride home if a scout or parents think it best. If you want Mr. Rossi to hold some money, please deposit it with him on Saturday morning. (Please don’t give him your whole budget so you can be responsible for the rest of your money )

Mr. Curtis will be the ASM handling prescriptions this trip. Please give him any prescriptions and woodruff prescription forms (we’ll have some available if you need one) on Saturday morning.

Thank you to Mr. Rossi and Mr. Curtis for handling these aspects of the trip!

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