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William’s Merit Badge Market

Hey Y’all,

For the upcoming Woodruff Summer Camp, I need the following Merit Badges:

Archaeology, Digital Technology, Orienteering, Signs, Signals, and Codes

If you have these merit badges or know for sure if these merit badges are at the church, please respond to this post or send me an email at Also, let me know if you would like to borrow from my personal collection for this upcoming week. Below are the books we have:

A: Archery

C: Chess      Cit in Comunity       Cit in Nation      Collections

F: Family Life

G: Game Design    Geo-Caching

L: Law

M: Metal Work    Motorboating

P: Personal Fitness      Personal Management     Photography

R: Radio     Rowing

S: Space Exploration     Swimming x2 – One 2010, One 2014

W: Welding  Wilderness Survival

Since I only have limited stock, It will be first come, first serve. I hope to see you on Tuesday, to open up my Merit Badge Market.

Troop Guide/Merit Badge Trader

William Weaver

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