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Woodruff MB PreReqs

Edited to add they just sent me this reference sheet and it does list some specific pre-reqs. Please look at that as well:

Merit Badge Pre Req Quick Reference

Good Morning Scouts,

I’m attaching a document which lists the general prerequisites and special camp requirements that I could find for your merit badges.

I could not find a list specifically requiring certain items listed (i.e. “Complete 4a, 7 and 9a, b, c”). These items may possibly pop up at camp, and some of you have experienced that previously. The best advice I can give you is to read your MB requirements carefully and use your head on items that you think might not be able to be covered in class at camp.

Those of you fishing… Please note they will not provide equipment, so you either bring it or buy it there!

Most of all, HAVE FUN!!

Mrs. Unruh

MB Prerequisites

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