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Camp Woodruff Update #2

The theme of the day was “Do you know where your class is?”. The day started with a hearty breakfast that included French toast sticks. By 8:30 everyone was in their program class. The camp has wonderful direction signs as you can see. They really helped the scouts know where they were going.

All of the boys did a great job knowing where they needed to be and finding their program areas. The camp is pretty big (somewhere around 1600 acres) and they trekked great distances to reach their classes. Speaking of trekking. The Mountain Men did their 5 mile hike by conquering the entire distance around Woodruff Lake. They went out with smiles and came back with a look of accomplishment.

Post classes the scouts hung out, played some boards games and visited the trading post to eat vegetables and fruit. The leaders took a little time to recap the events of the day and compared our step trackers. It is safe to say that between us we climbed over 2 Sear Towers (now Willis Tower) in floor counts. So parents beware. The scouts are getting a work out going up and down these things they call hills. Their calves will look like Popeyes when we bring them back. So be prepared with Spinach.

Tomorrow is another day of normal programs. The staff has been excellent and the camp programs have not disappointed.

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