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Woodruff Update #4 – Takeover

When we told them the scout masters were coming we lied!! HAHA,

It’s Brennan, your most dutiful and humble scribe.

First we started the day waking up by the cruel ASPL, then we headed to the mess hall for disappointment. But we were surprised that the food is better than Tanah Keeta. Then to the merit badges for the torture, first for me I went to mountain man where we made a good omelet (better than the food the camp makes). Then (still at mountain man) we did the fireman chit, next I went to the rifle merit badge with the evil teachers. Then to very, very, very, very long lectures at cooking then back to the mess hall for lunch.

We had pizza which was bad!!! Then we went to clean the bathhouse which the evil SPL made us do!! It was pure torture. Then we went back to the the mess hall for the dinner. It was meatloaf, carrots, and the mashed potatoes. When “The Overseer Jay” said the mashed potatoes tasted like buttered card board, he was wrong. That was an insult to CARDBOARD!!

It’s Brendan

This is my show now that I have taken the only electronic in our camp. #BrendanTakeOver

I think I know what Brennan was trying to say when he talked about Conner. We all know he was actually the cool ASPL (not because it’s my brother or anything). The food was ok. For now the only thing I have a problem with is the mashed potatoes. The coolest thing in the ca…WAIT SOMEONES COMING GOT TO GO…



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