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Troop Elections 7/25/17

Good Evening,

It is the time of year where the troop will be holding elections to decide on the upcoming terms troop leadership. The elections will be held on Tuesday July 25, I encourage scouts to start thinking of leadership roles they would like to do during the next term. If you have a position you would like to run for please submit your name to myself, Charles.

Here is a quick run through of the most of the leadership positions:

*Senior Patrol Leader (SPL)- leads the troop

*Assistant Senior Patrol Leader- assists the SPL

*Patrol Leader- leader of the patrol

Assistant Patrol Leader- assists patrol leader <Doesn’t count for rank>

*Troop Guide- works with and teaches new scouts

Scribe- makes announcements and keeps track of meeting notes

Quartermaster- keeps track of troop equipment and trailer

Librarian- oversees troop library

Historian- takes and gathers photos of troop events and makes slideshow

Chaplains aid- fulfills religious needs of the troop, plans scout Sunday

Bugler- plays the bugle for flag ceremonies and events

Troop OA Representative- is the communication link between the OA and the troop

*positions requiring a rank of first class or above

For more information or to sign up for a position contact me at or (561) 909-5365.


Charles C


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