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Woodruff Update #5 – The Takeover Continues

No, wait, come back! Well, I guess it’s my turn for the update. Currently speaking: Clay. Today started like any other day, woken up by the SPL, eating breakfast (Biscuits and gravy, which was better than most meals we had so far), and went to our classes (for me, Programming, Camping and Cooking), but after our classes, we went white water rafting on the Ocoee river (or the Nantahala).

We took a bus from the main pavilion at the camp entrance to the rafting company, where we picked up our life jackets, helmets and paddles, We then took the bus from the rafting base to a dam on the river. We sadly didn’t raft down the dam, for property reasons, but we did start strong through a class 4 rapid. We rafted the 5 1/2 or so miles that was the river, going strong through 4 more class 4 rapids, having only flipped once (but it was intentional. Guide’s idea, not ours), I’d say that it went went well!

But other than that, nothing else happened…. Oh hey, Raj. What’s that? Ok, here.

Raj speaking now! Finally, the first electronic I’ve seen in weeks!! BTW programming doesn’t count. They gave me an archaic Dell laptop that can barely turn on. It took forever, but I messed with enough stuff and got the WIFI working. Then I saw the Thirteenth Doctor reveal!! YAY! The scouts have been getting along fine, not including the occasional “I’M TRIGGERED!!”. We’ve been getting lots of sleep, and we hope for a nap tomorrow.

By the way, I went mountain boarding and didn’t fall off. YAY!

Anyways, as usual, the Collin/Raj tent was haunted by bugs. First it was the curses of the stickbugs, then it was the roach empire, and now it is…..hrgfgiurwefviuerhgiuhergv

“SPIDERS!! We’ve been attacked!! We’ve been taken over! It’s clearly an omen! I knew I shouldn’t have been so obsessed with Spider-Man! They’re coming!!! Lock the doors!! Board the windows!! Put up the shutters!!
Run for your lives!! They could be coming for you!! AAAAHHHH!!! They’re here!!”

Sorry we were taken over by Collin for a minute. Hewlkfgiurl//? COLLIN! Please go away!!


GO AWAY!!!!!


Sorry for the interruption. As Collin said, we had 4 spiders in our tent!! THEY WERE HUGE!! Bigger than the wall of China!!! John Robert got triggered and killed them. Thank you JR.

“You are welcome!”

Ok John. Back to my announcements. Actually I don’t have any announcements left.

ETHAN!! It’s your turn to do the scoutmaster email!!!

Yay. Thanks Raj. It’s me, Ethan. When Clay told y’all about the rafting, he told only about one side(Ocoee). This is what happened at Nantahala (the other rapids park).

The first thing that happened was basically the same thing that happened to Clay; we got on buses that went to different rapid parks. But when the Nantahala group(Adrain, Raj, Hunter, Brady, Brennan, Brendon, and I, not including the adult leaders who btw were Mr. Rossi and Mr. Curtis) got to the beginning of the rapids park, we got split up into two groups. One group had their own boat(everyone but Adrian, Raj, and I), and the other group(Adrian, Raj, and I) went into a boat with a different troop. The scoutmaster who was in charge of the boat was great at commanding how the boat moved. Whenever we got into a situation in which we were unable to turn in a direction, we somehow “360”-ed out of it. I fell into the river a couple times but otherwise I had a great time. That’s all the time I have for this update so see you.

Collin again. Many thanks to our viewers and see you soon.
Collin, Raj, Clay, and Ethan

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