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Troop Leadership Training

Good Evening,

This Saturday, August 19, from 8:00 AM to 4:00 P.M. there will be a troop leadership training at Grace Presbyterian Church. Lunch will be provided. Please bring a water bottle, note taking materials, and ideas for the upcoming troop term. This training is required for all of the upcoming leadership. If you aren’t able to make it please notify me prior to Saturday.

The following people should be attending the TLT this Saturday:

1. Evan K.

2. Jay U.

3. Brady B.

4. Hunter R.

5. Clay F.

6. Raj H.

7. Brennan S.

8. Jacob Q.

9. Cole F.

10. Will W.

11. Sebastian S.

12. Adrian F.

13. John Robert

14. Collin U.

15. Brendan M.


Please email me at or text me at (561) 909 5365 to let me know if you can not make it to the TLT or for any questions.



Charles C.



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