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Popcorn sale approved locations

Hi to all parents and scouts interested in selling popcorn to earn money to pay for future campouts or other adventure expenses. Smasburger and Tijuana flats(woolbright/ Federal)are available throughout October weekdays from 5pm-9 or weekends 12pm – 9 remember we are working in three hour blocks so on weekends if your the 1st one to sell at that location then you will b responsible to either get product from previous day seller or from me then when your shift is done give your remaining product to the next seller. Make sure when switching to verify your inventory with your sales. Each person handler and the receiver should take photos of their inventory and their sales. I have a master sheet so we can sell at times that fit into our individual schedules without overlapping with one another. So please text me to coordinate a time 561-329-9092 I am also going to get a schedule today of dates and times at Chillis.(Congress/ Gateway I will post later tonight or tomorrow. Right now we have a conflict with the Duffys location.thanks Mr. Bresett

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