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10/12 announcements + Aquacademy

We have a beach cleanup on the 21st at Boynton Beach inlet on the 21th which is a Saturday. And on the 24st we have the fall festival that will have activities and food. On November 11th we are doing scouting for food. We are also having a SAW day trip on November 18th the cost of SAW is $37 if you pay before October 24th and $47 by November 7th and $57 at onsite of November 18th. Registration will start next week. You can talk to me if you want to sign up. If you can volunteer to drive scouts to SAW please talk to me to sign up. Registration is now open if you want to register. You will be able to make Merit baggies requests on line.

We are no having a formal meeting at the church on Halloween. But if anyone would like to volunteer to host, so that scouts can meet up at that persons house and perhaps go trick or treating, If you can please let me know.



We will departure at 5:30 so be at the Gace at 5:00

Remember to bring your  Tent. The flaming arrow’s tents ware distressed by Irma

Make sure to check the packing list for camping.

If you are taking a water merit badge. You will need your swimsuit and water shoes.

Bug spray and sunscreen are a must.

Bring extra $ for a possible lunch on sunday. The aquacademy schedule may rn late due to rain, ETC.




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