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Aquacademy Pre-req ERROR!

Hi, guys-

Since Collin has canoeing, he sat down to do his pre-reqs and realized they were completely unrealistic. There has clearly been an error here, and unfortunately, I suspect it has to do with a Citizenship class. I’m just not sure.

I will email Aquacademy tonight and hope to receive a return email early tomorrow in time for some boys to work on it.

Meanwhile… I STRONGLY urge you to use your Cub Scout RESOURCEFULNESS and your Boy Scout CHEER and carefully read your MB book using COMMON SENSE to determine whether or not you think the counselors can sign off on a complete merit badge [i.e. – there are town meetings for Citizenship in the Community that need to be attended (or watched on recorded sessions) – just as an example of an obvious MB requirement that cannot be completed.]

Mrs. Unruh

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