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“International dessert/snack event” potluck after COH this Tuesday

Our scouts have been working on the  ‘Cit in the World’ Merit Badge the last couple of troop meetings, because of this we are going to organize an “International dessert/snack event” to complete one of the requirements at this upcoming COH troop meeting on Tuesday 12/8/2017.  Each scout family will bring a snack or dessert that represents a country.  Finger food is preferred.  In case if forks or cups are necessary, please bring the utensils required (for around 30 people) or let me know ahead of time to get the utensils.

Once you know what you are going to bring, please email or text me and let me know the name of the food and which country the food represents.  Please do not post it on the website.  I am going to have the scouts guess which country the food represents.

Here is my email address:,

My cell number: 561-386-4846


Elsie Crichton

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