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Visions of Camping!

Hello Troop 215 Adults, this is for you…

The Patrol Leaders Council has visions of CAMPING! And help is requested:


River Raft Regatta, April 20-22

The boys dream of building the fastest, sleekest, manliest raft on the river – and bringing home a PRIZE.

  1. Boat Building adult supervision needed
  2. Two camping adults needed
  3. Two trucks to pull a) trailer and b) boats needed


Recently inspired by a glowing twilight launch at Ocklawaha….

Kennedy Space Center Campout

This will most likely need to be scheduled for early May.

  1. 2-4 camping adults needed
  2. Trailer tow needed
  3. Transportation and supervision at KSC on Saturday needed.


If you are reading this and are a troop adult, please email me privately or post here with either a YES or NO on your availability or interest. If I can eliminate people it is MORE helpful to the troop then wondering if someone CAN help or wants to help but hasn’t replied yet.

We cannot register boys for either event without adult help set up first.

Thank you so much!

Mrs. Unruh

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