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Olustee Info – from the Camping Chair

Good evening Troop 215-


A few things about this weekend :

  1. Plan on meeting at Grace for a NOON departure tomorrow.
  2. Scouts should eat lunch prior to arrival.
  3. Bring a packed bag/cooler meal for dinner tomorrow night.
  4. Bring $$ for lunch Saturday, lunch Sunday and dinner Sunday – I’d recommend $40 (think turnpike rest stop pricing for dinner Sunday and event venue pricing for lunches )
  5. Bring a signed ACTIVITY CONSENT (This is a MUST).
  6. Parents – plan on your scouts arriving home Sunday night at about 9 pm. They will leave the park after the battle reenactment ends at about 3 pm and the troop will stop to grab dinner on the way home. They are taking the turnpike to avoid Daytona 500 traffic. The adult leaders in attendance are Mrs, Carnes (healthcare forms), Mr. B. Wysong, Mr. Pientka, Mr. Resch, Mr. D. Wysong, and Mr. Thomas, Jr.

Evan, if I’m missing anything could you please make an additional post?


Mrs. Unruh

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