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Treasury Note Re:Campcards

Greetings T215 Scouts & Parents. Camp Cards have arrived. They should be available for distribution tonight. Camp Cards are an excellent way to raise money for scout activities unless you lose them or tear off the fun “tear-off” parts.  If you sell a camp card at $5 each, $2.50 will go towards your scout activities and $2.50 will go to Council to support council activities and operations. If you lose a campcard, or all your camp cards, you will be billed for them. We have the month of March to sell the cards. Any unsold cards (with all attachments still attached) can be returned to council by early April. Thank you Mr. Bresett for handling this fundraiser. Please check-out cards from Mr. Bresett and turn in money to whoever is taking payments at the scout meeting.  I don’t know yet if we will have storefront locations available. If you would like to set up locations, please notify Mr. Bresett. Thanks for being diligent with the handling of your camp card sales! Mrs. Freeman

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