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Webelos/AOL Campout – Everyone Please Read

Hey Troop 215 Adults/Scouts- Please read to the bottom!,

Just wanted to give an update on this weekends AOL/Webelos campout. The Friday start time is 5:30pm. (eat before you come.) Here are the scouts/leaders currently registered:

Scouts: Brennan S(Acting SPL) Nick B Dylan R Sebastian Kyle Dylan L Eric A Justin Andrew B Clay

Adults: […]

Scoutmaster Updates about all the things.

Hi Troop 215,

I wanted to hit a few items that need your participation. There is a lot of info. Please read through it all.

1.     Troop elections are tomorrow. I only have 1 – Scout running for SPL and 2 – Scouts running for Quartermaster. The Troop needs more Scouts to […]

Shane Wooley Eagle Court of Honor

Hello fellow scouts and parents.

My Eagle Court of Honor will be held on Saturday June 1st at 6:30pm, located at Grace, for all you young scouts there will be dessert there. If you can please leave a comment or just contact me at (561)376-7910 to let me know if you are able to attend […]

A Few Scoutmaster Thoughts

We’re working to get a contingent of scouts for TK Summer Camp. Scott Leikela (Mr. Awesome) and Trina Carnes are willing to take a group the week of 6/23-6/29. This is a great chance to get caught up on some extra merit badges or get ahead! It’s also a great chance to have some […]

Next PLC

Our troop’s next PLC is going to be on April 14, at 6pm.

Also, before this next meeting (March 26), we will be having a mini-PLC around 6:10. You are not required for you to show up at 6:10 if you are not a Patrol Leader, SPL, or ASPL. However, you may attend if you […]

Recharter for Troop Adults

Hi Troop 215,

Here is our current list of our chartered adults. I am preparing for the annual re-charter.  The Troop pays for re-charter, but we ask for you to be active in helping the Troop. Please let me know if you need to be added or removed for next year.





Assistance for Cub Scout Recruitment

Hi Troop 215,

I wanted to follow up on Ms. Cheryl’s announcement for opportunities to help Cub Scout Packs with their School Night for Scouting events.

Here are the units (in date order) needing any help (Adult Leaders and/or Scouts) we can provide:

Wed 8/22 at 7 pm at Diamond View Elem (Haverhill between Lantana […]

Garage Sale – This Saturday 4-28

Hello Troop!, We will be having a Garage Sale this weekend from 8AM to 11AM. We will need assistance to set up on Friday afternoon (4PM) and to help Saturday morning before, during and after the sale. Mrs. Rossi will have a sign up sheet tomorrow for you to lock in some times to help. […]

Committee Meeting Tomorrow

Hi Troop 215,

Tomorrow is our next committee meeting. The boys made some decisions during the lock-in about the activities they would like to do over the next year as well as some high adventure plans. We will discuss this at the meeting. We will also go over expenses to renew our website domain name […]

Yard Sale and Popcorn

Hi Troop 215,

I first want to thank Nick and Elsie Crichton for heading up the yard sale and for those who helped (Andrea, Michael, Lynn, Victoria, Bo, Adrian and Rick). I am sorry if I missed anyone else. We had a total of $565.00 in sales. That will help towards summer camp transportation. Nick […]