Past Events


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Pictures from summer camp!

Mr. Crichton gave us a CD with all the photos he took at camp. We all can play “Where’s Waldo” and find the scout! Click here to view the album, or go to Photos in the top menu.

Camp Old Indian Leaders Guide

Get the Camp Old Indian Leaders Guide to find out what the Merit Badges are being offered. If you are not in a Merit Badge program, this is still an excellent guide to get as it gives you an overview of the camp.

Camp Guides

I have placed several camp guides below and on our Troop215 Yahoo account for your perusing:

Please check them out. Most are 2011 guides but both Skymont and Camp Thunder are 2012. We would have to sign up for Camp Daniel Boone like …… now ….. if we wanted to go there. It’s a […]

Summer Camps – 2012

We have many ideas to kick around concerning summer camp

Where would you like to go? Would you like two summer camps? TK one weekend, out of council for the next? What activities/opportunities would you like to do? Please post your ideas. Go to the websites of camps you are interested in and see if […]