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Scout of the Month

There are 12 points to the Scout Law and 12 months in the year.

At Troop 215 we pick the Scout that best embodied that point during the last month.

December (Reverent):
November (Clean):
October (Brave):
September (Thrifty):
August (Cheerful):
July (Obedient):
June (Kind):
May (Courteous):
April (Friendly) :
March (Helpful):  Kyle P.
February (Loyal):  Eric A.
January (Trustworthy):  Alan C

December (Reverent):  Christo 
November (Clean):  Kyle P.
October (Brave):  Victor C.
September (Thrifty):  Justin R.
August (Cheerful):Richard E.
July (Obedient):  Eric A.
June (Kind):  Harrison W.
May (Courteous):  Alan C.
April (Friendly):  Dylan R.
March (Helpful):  Drew B.
February (Loyal):  JD M.
January (Trustworthy):  John W.

December (Reverent):  Nick B.
November (Clean):  Alan C.
October (Brave):  Victor C.
September (Thrifty):  Hunter R.
August (Cheerful):  Richare E.
July (Obedient):  Justin R.
June (Kind):  Drew B.
May (Courteous):  Eric A.
April (Friendly) :  Ben J.
March (Helpful):  Brennan S.
February (Loyal):
January (Trustworthy):

December (Reverent): Eric A.
November (Clean): Victor C.
October (Brave): Nick B.
September (Thrifty): Andrew B.
August (Cheerful): Brennan S.
July (Obedient): Kyle P
June (Kind):  Justin R.
May (Courteous):  Michael M.
April (Friendly) :  Richard E.
March (Helpful):  Sebastian S.
February (Loyal):  Nick R.
January (Trustworthy): Dylan L.

December (Reverent):
November (Clean):
October (Brave):
September (Thrifty): Collin U.
August (Cheerful): Raj H.
July (Obedient): Eric A.
June (Kind):  Jay U.
May (Courteous):  Sebastian S.
April (Friendly):  Josiah C.
March (Helpful):  Brennan S.
February (Loyal):  Clay F.
January (Trustworthy):  Cameron O.

December (Reverent):  Evan K.
November (Clean):  Kyle P.
October (Brave):  Andrew B.
September (Thrifty):  Nick B.
August (Cheerful):  Richard E.
July (Obedient):  Hunter R.
June (Kind):  Ben J.
May (Courteous):  Jacob Q.
April (Friendly):  Cole F.
March (Helpful):  JD M.
February (Loyal):  Charlie C.
January (Trustworthy):  Shane W.

December (Reverent):  Collin U.
November (Clean):  Ethan C.
October (Brave):  Clay F.
September (Thrifty):  Brendan M.
August (Cheerful):  Brennan S.
July (Obedient):  Brady B.
June (Kind):  Andy T.
May (Courteous):  Charlie C.
April (Friendly):  Sergio G.
March (Helpful):  Vincent W.
February (Loyal):  Geoffrey T.
January (Trustworthy):  Will W

December (Reverent):  John Robert W.
November (Clean):  Adrian F.
October (Brave):  Hunter R.
September (Thrifty):  Jay U.
August (Cheerful):  JD. M.
July (Obedient):  Connor M.
June (Kind):  Collin U.
May (Courteous):  Jimmy T.
April (Friendly):  Corey E.
March (Helpful):  Shane W.
February (Loyal):  Thomas C.
January (Trustworthy):  Cole F.