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Eagle Merit Badge Books

Hello troop 215. this is the libraian, Connor Marcellus. Over the Grace campout, me and Will took inventory of all the books in the libray, and quite a few of the merit  badge books needed for eagle were out dated! so here is a list of the ones we need:

*MBB= Merit Badge Book 

-2 first aid MBB

-2-Emergency Prep MBB

-1 citzenship of the community MBB

-2 citizenship of the nation MBB

-2 cooking MBB

-2 cycling MBB

-1 enviromental science MBB

-2 HikiNg MBB

-1 Family life MBB

-1 Lifesaving MBB

-1 Sustainability MBB

-1 Swimming MBB

-2 camping MBB

-2 personal Fitness MBB

-1 Personal Mangement MBB

as you can you see, this is quite an impresive list. so we need YOUR help. donate any books you are done with, and while providing a scout with Information on the merit badge, you get credit for your account! So please, donate any spare books.

thank you.

           your’s truly-

                                          Connor Marcellus  =D

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